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First Camera :)

Posted: Nov 21, 2007, 21:31

I've finally got my very first digital camera ever... that is if you don't count the one on my phone. It's a Canon PowerShot A460. Not really high spec at 5 Mega pixels, but a great acquisition for a small wage man like me ;)

So I fired up this beauty and clicked a few shots, around the house. Time to move it to the system, so I plugged it into USB and wallah!!

No, it didn't auto-load as a USB drive as I expected it to (force of habit, since my phone loads that way). I tried all ways to get it to load that way, including playing around with udev rules, but to no avail. After a bit of searching I chanced upon the term 'PTP' or Picture Transfer Protocol and I realized that I was probably barking up the wrong tree.

A bit more searching got me to gphoto2 and I found that all I had to do was plug in the camera and from console type:

  gphoto2 -P

And all photos were downloaded to the current directory. Mission accomplished... erm... almost ;)

I couldn't believe that there was no UI method for getting these photos out, so out of mere curiosity I fired up gThumb and there, in the File menu, I found the magic option 'Import Photos'. Clicked on it and all the photos on camera were instantly visible. I happily imported all of them and felt like a fool for the rest of the day for missing it ;)