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Posted: Sep 14, 2009, 22:38

The last six months have been quite big for ayttm, and for me too. We did on last Friday, what was probably our biggest release in ayttm. Well, it's a bit subjective I guess, because I felt that way even when I did the gtk2 port release. And the IRC release. But this one was really big. Check out the release notes and you'll know. When asked about ayttm a few months ago, I had said to Sankarshan that I would be done with yahoo and msn support by next year. I'm really happy that we've managed to get it done way before time. There is yet another goal I had mentioned to him then — making ayttm stable.

We're still not as stable as we'd like to be. There was one completely random crash that Minto (package maintainer for Fedora) came across and showed me at work today. We were not able to reproduce it the second time. We need to iron out these things. My next focus is going to be the chat window/room stuff. The code is almost completely duplicated, so I'm going to make something uniform out of it, focussing more on separating the UI from the core. This will hopefully result in much cleaner code.

Once this is done, the ugly xpm smileys will have to go. I'm thinking of using a subset of the protocol smileys instead, especially the PNGs on the website. The website needs a lot of updating too. Kartik has volunteered to do the online manual and the new screenshots when he has time, so that should be done pretty soon.

There are a few people at work who are wondering if we would do voice support. Maybe.