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gource in Fedora

Posted: Feb 23, 2010, 11:11

My first package submission was finally completed a few days ago with everything from ticket overload, personal issues to my US trip making sure that I had little time to get things done on time. I had started this in the first week of December and it took all of 2 months and some days to get my stuff together and put out an rpm package for gource. It is finally done now and you can install gource on your Fedora 12 box (or later if you're nutty like me) with just a

~# yum install gource

I've built gource only for F-12 and later since F-11 does not have the required version of ftgl. That is OK I guess since F-11 is way too old anyway ;)


FOSS.in/2009: Day 1

Posted: Dec 03, 2009, 14:27

Got up late and rushed through my bath and breakfast. I realize that I did not talk about the hotel I am living in. Well, the bed is too small, the toilet seat is too tall and the bathroom in general is quite claustrophobic. But otherwise it is a really good, clean hotel.

OK, so we made our way to the venue and were pretty much holed up inside auditorium 3. I managed to get an app packaged as I mentioned in my past post. The upstream dev acaudwell immediately responded to my patch to update version number in configure.ac, so that hurdle is out of the way too.

The Fedora team had a blast at night with food and beer and managed to rake up a huge dinner bill. I missed out on it since I was in the mood to sit and hack on something. Well, I did not. I ended up discussing a bunch of things with Ram2 and Amit Sethi.

Oh yeah, and met up with Philip too after a long time, so that was a bit of a ayttm team reunion sans Piotr :)


My first Fedora package submission

Posted: Dec 02, 2009, 17:13

I have created and submitted gource for review in Fedora. It's a really cool source code history visualizer. It's not perfect by any means, but a very good start. It works out of the box for git, but needs some scripts to get it working for cvs and svn. I'll be trying to write some sort of a wrapper to detect cvs/svn and invoke the scripts automagically.


FOSS.in/2009 Day 0 done

Posted: Dec 01, 2009, 22:43

Finally back at the hotel after the first day of FOSS.in. It was a good first day despite the delays in schedule, mainly because I didn't care much about the schedule ;)

Kartik and I decided to have our workouts at the same table and it turned out to be a decent idea since we did not really have people swarming for our workouts. I assumed that the pre-workout talks were chucked out since Atul Chitnis said that we can start right away at the hack centre, but it turned out to be otherwise. The result was an unprepared /me struggling with the collar mic screeching every other minute and /me rushing through the libyahoo2 slides as if there was no tomorrow.

It was not too bad in the end as we had one person asking a few things about libyahoo2 and Debian. I was able to get some work done too; see the Progress section in the libyahoo2 workout page for details. Also, thanks to Gaurav "Tazz" Chaturvedi, who gave me a packet dump of his windows yahoo messenger 10, which included everything from regular messaging to chat rooms. I'll get around to doing something about it soon, not tomorrow.

As for tomorrow, I'll be putting on my Fedora for the Fedora Project of the Day. I'll be trying to package gource, a source code history visualizer. Kartik showed me this app today and it blew me away with the wonderful visualization of the ayttm source history. This will also be my first package submission to Fedora and my first foray into something other than coding. Let's see how it goes.