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Ayttm progress

Posted: Aug 24, 2009, 17:38

Right now, the cvs version of ayttm looks pretty good. We've been able to get in YMSG16 support, MSNP15 support and a lot of fixes in the GUI and jabber. I finally got rid of the custom dialogs code in ayttm and Piotr has done a lot of work with the state/status messages. The netv2 code also seems to be looking quite good since nothing seems to be breaking in it of late.

There are a few filler functions that remain to be implemented in MSN so that it does not crash. Also, both yahoo and msn need file transfer and invitations -- I am not done with that either. I have been threatening to do a release for some time now, so I might just act out that threat in the coming weeks. So these are busy days.