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Yahoo chat room support now in libyahoo2 trunk!

Posted: Aug 14, 2010, 02:05

Yahoo chat room support is now in trunk. Many thanks to Kai (Kay) Zhang for this effort, which he made as part of his Fedora Summer Coding project. The code still needs more testing, so I also need to start working on the chat room implementation in ayttm.

I expected git-svn to commit the patchset along with the history in Kay's git repository, but unfortunately that did not happen. So those who want to see the history of commits for this may take a look at his libyahoo2 github repository


libyahoo2 to get chat rooms soon

Posted: Aug 06, 2010, 09:24

Kay has been working on the libyahoo2 project as part of the Fedora Summer Coding initiative. He's been working on chat room support and things are looking quite good so far. Kay has finished working on the core functionality of logging in, joining and leaving rooms; only the chat room list functionality is remaining. He was a little shy of interacting with libyahoo2 upstream earlier, but he has been working on it since.

Looking at the pace of the project so far, we could have Kay's code merged into upstream very soon. Following this, me or Ray van Dolson will do a release in Fedora.


Yahoo chat future and libyahoo2

Posted: Jul 01, 2010, 17:52

Philip had recently posted on libyahoo2-users that Yahoo is planning to open its instant messaging platform API to the public. It has been delayed a bit since then, but it is surely due.

So how does this change things for libyahoo2 or any other FOSS implementations? For one, the fun of digging through binary data and trying to make sense of it will be gone ;) But on a serious note, we can hope to have some more consistency in behaviour and support will definitely improve. I'm not very keen about the fact that the support will be over HTTP, but I guess it works well for them. For now we can only wait for their announcement before we know what the entire thing looks like. If it is anything like the messages that the current official yahoo! messengers send, then it's only really a wrapper around their old pain of a protocol. But this does not really use JSON, so it is likely that they're writing a fresh implementation. In any case, there is still time for it and in that time, we have some decent work going on on the libyahoo2 code base.

In other news, Kai Zhang has been working on implementing chat room support for libyahoo2 as his Fedora Summer Coding project. His code can be found here. Other than the brief comments in the git logs, everything seems to be quite ok. A bulk of the feature set is already in, so that is pretty good progress. Once the entire feature set is completed and tested, I will have them included in the main libyahoo2 source tree. Following that will be a release and a rebase on Fedora. This will be a good rebase compared to the ugly one the last time around, where I broke all API compatibility in an effort to revamp the authentication support.