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Back to Hack...

Posted: Oct 14, 2007, 01:58

... once again. It's been a long sabbatical away from hacking; almost a month and a half. Coding at working just isn't the same; you have to do more talking and less coding, which can get really boring at times. Also, the challenges and constraints are mostly artificial (must use this toolchain, must use that framework, must not reduce bloat because some dev long ago believed that it was a performance tweak -- don't ask).

Anyways, I've put in a tray icon for ayttm. I was going through the gtk APIs for some possible tweaks to GtkTreeView (I'm still not very happy with how the main status window looks) and I stumbled upon GtkStatusIcon, the tray icon widget. Since it was so easy to implement (have to compliment the gtk devels for this) I went for it right away. It's already checked into cvs, Kartik may release a deb for Debian soon if it all goes well.

Oh, and I was going at the tray icon, I also gave the ayttm icon a drop shadow. Thought it looked quite neat.


Dialin' again

Posted: May 16, 2007, 23:58

I recently got an email from Nikhil Sinha who’s interested in writing some code for antidialer. He’s looking fix some stuff and also make a tray icon plugin which, I guess, is one of the must-have features that I was too lazy to write. It would be quite cool if he does get around to doing it.