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What do we need for YMSG15?

Posted: Jun 19, 2009, 00:44

Ayttm needs to go on to YMSG15. So I decided to do a small test to see what could break if we just change the protocol version sent to Yahoo. So I advanced the protocol version from 0x00000c to 0x00000f in libyahoo2. Also, I enabled debugging in libyahoo2 so that it could dump packets that it did not recognize. Here's my brain dump of the little experiment:

netv2 does not seem to be ready just yet, Philip had problems getting gmail to work with netv2. There's a bit of tightrope walking with multiple threads and SSL. Hopefully I can figure out what the deal is since almost everything is starting to use SSL. Does anyone want to get their hands dirty on netv2?

But couldn't I just open up libpurple and get that stuff in? Yes, but it won't be fun enough would it? :)