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FOSS.in Day -1: Arrived at Bangalore

I've finally made it to the hotel after a one and half hour flight and (ironically) a similarly long bus ride. But it was quite smooth, with no delays either on departure or arrival. I've settled myself into Room 101 and am now contemplating dinner. My room-mate will most likely be coming in tomorrow morning. The Wifi signal is pretty weak at around 45-50%, so I think I'll have to settle somewhere in the lobby for better signal whenever I need it.

Day 0 of FOSS.in begins with the libyahoo2 workout for me. I've got a bunch of protocol dumps using the Gyache yahoo messenger (yes, the hideous looking buggy one). I would not dare look into the code of that nightmare of a messenger, so I'm happy with what I have so far. I think I have got a handle on the chat room packets, so I might give that a shot tomorrow. The buddy picture stuff is also pretty decent, although I think we'll have to do a bit of trial and error with the packet sequences a bit. Gyache seems to have a bug in its picture stuff and it sits in an infinite loop uploading pictures forever.

I've also got the address book update packet dump but here again gyache is buggy. I think we can get it working despite that though since gyache is buggy with both address book query as well as update. We have got the address book query right, so we're definitely on the right track.

I have a feeling ignore/unignore buddy has not changed in YMSG16 and we may not need to fix it at all. I've been too lazy to actually sit down and test it though.

Finally, I hope some people get in some Windows laptops tomorrow so that we can get packet dumps of the official Yahoo! messenger doing some stuff. If that does not work out, I'll have to go back to work and get to it by myself some day.

Update: No Kushal, that's not day one; it's day minus one ;)

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