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Job hunting

We were recently told at work that they would cut down opportunities for associates to go for assignments abroad, especially those like me who have been with domestic clients. It's an attempt to 'retain domain knowledge' as they put it. For the uninitiated, overseas postings == really good money. They wouldn't even adjust pay-scales so that offshore employees wouldn't get the short end of the stick.

That and rising expenses mean that I have no choice but to go job hunting. I got a call from Adobe yesterday and was told to take a test today. I did. And I realized that I don't exactly excel at Computer Science yet, me being a Computer Science student once. I can write code, but if someone asks me what a Reverse Polish notation means, then I have two answers: look it up on Wikipedia, or ask the Polish ;)

Anyways, I enjoyed giving the test since i had a lot of little smart code snippets to write. Hopefully I'll get in. If I don't, maybe I'm meant to go somewhere else (or maybe stay here... *sob*)

Btw, I had guessed it right about Reverse Polish... it's Postfix ;)

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