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Lets throw some money around

Apparently some banks in India are moving/have moved their IT infrastructure to Windows Vista. Due to that we have to test whether our trading applications work on Vista and, probably, work regularly on Vista if all goes well. CCIL will then have to upgrade all of their computers to make them 'Vista Capable'. Also, as is always the case with Windows, their SP2 (and later) releases are often more stable, so it's best to wait for those if you're obsessed with MS products. Better still, get [KX]?Ubuntu :)

But really, why would these banks want Vista so bad? Either their IT guys just don't get it or they have too much money to throw around on broken backward compatibility, Treacherous Computing, DRM, memory hogs and irritating UAC.

And guess what, the first thing our support guy did when setting up Vista was to turn off all security features. Way to go! :)

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